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Dr. Paul Dawson, in MARILYN MONROE DIAGNOSED:  PSYCHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS of HER SECRET LIFE, presents an exciting analysis of the movie goddess – diagnosing her by an in-depth assessment of her secret life. 


Marilyn's family, early life, career, lovers, relationships, marriages and mental illness is examined. 


Her psychoses are revealed including: abandonment fears, unstable relationships & shaky self-image, impulsive & suicidal behavior, mood swings, paranoia & loss of contact with reality, feelings of emptiness, inappropriate anger and substance abuse. 


A “must read” for any fan of the world’s most celebrated sex symbol. 


Dr. Paul Dawson earned a Ph.D. in psychology at The New School for Social Research, Graduate Faculty, New York City.  Dr. Dawson has been chief psychologist of a state prison system, clinical psychologist in mental hospitals, clinics and in private practice.  His other books include: MASKS of PREDATORS; SEX CRIMES; BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER; BPD RECOVERY:  BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER RECOVERY; PRINCESS DIANA DIAGNOSED; ANGELINA JOLIE PSYCHOANALYZED; ROCK STARS DIAGNOSED.

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Problems & Solutions - Free Advice from Online People!

PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS - Free Advice from Online People!

I'd like to get a PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS Post - comments or problems (psychological) & solutions from people online - going.  How about us starting with relationships? 

Give us a relationship problem or issue and let's see if we can get input from people online.  It can be a little thing.  It doesn't have to be some deep clinical psychotic problem or serious mental disorder. 

I gave some examples in another post.  Give us the problem and let's see if we can get some online help or opinions from anybody interested. 

I can join in and give some general advice but I'm getting into a gray area when I'm advising specific individuals I've never met.  What do you think?

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Dr. Paul Dawson's books are available

Dr. Paul Dawson's books are available

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  3. Type in "Dr. Paul Dawson".

  4. My books will appear on two pages.

Why is there a need for my new book (ANGELINA JOLIE PSYCHOANALYZED: Unauthorized PSYCHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS of Her Secret Life)?

Why is there a need for my new book (ANGELINA JOLIE PSYCHOANALYZED: Unauthorized PSYCHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS of Her Secret Life)?


06 March 2007

Womb Raider: A Psychoanalysis

Angelina Jolie needs help. It is clear she's suffering from a serious addiction to adopting orphans from the world's shitholes. Last week, an adoption agency in Vietnam announced she has filed papers to adopt a little Vietnamese playmate for her son. Someone needs to stage an intervention...and soon!

Pointy Note: I can’t even mention Brad Pitt here without going off on a tangent. So let's just say he seems like an emasculated pull toy who is likely locked in bat powder-lined closet in NOLA, only rolled out for diaper changes and staged family photo ops.

Back to Jolie: Does anyone else sense a Mommie Dearest theme happening here? When Joan Crawford was the Queen Whore of Hollywood, she decided to adopt some kids to soften her image. She proceeded to pimp out the kids for publicity whenever it served her needs but had little use for them otherwise.

In the late 90s, Jolie was the reigning psychoslut in Hollywood. With vials of blood and tats galore, she loved regaling the media with tales of how she used knives during sex. On the red carpet at the Golden Globes, she and Billy Boy Thornton told reporters they’d screwed in the limo on the way there. A few years earlier, she practically dry humped her own brother at the Oscars. Suddenly, she was box office poison.

Then, she adopts Maddox from Cambodia. When crazy-as-hell Billy Bob leaves because even he can't handle her lunacy, Jolie emerges as a martyred single mother dedicated to a noble humanitarian mission. Her career shows signs of life again.

Around the same time, Brad Pitt was wimpering on all of the talk shows about wanting to be a father. Looking for a father figure, Jolie reportedly used Maddox on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith to mesmerize Pitt into seeing what a caring earth mother she was. Joan Crawford apparently snagged one of her husbands by dangling her adopted kids and dreams of "the perfect family" before him.

When suspicions arise that Jolie and Pitt are having an affair on the set, Jolie gets up on her soapbox ranting about how she'd never be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife because her father cheated on her mother. So, when she becomes pregnant with Brad's child while he's still married to Jennifer Aniston, she needs a distraction from her own hypocrisy...and fast. So she snaps up an Ethiopian kid before news of the pregnancy gets out. Her image remains one of humanitarian instead of homewrecker. The next thing you know, she's dressing and speaking like Gwyneth Paltrow and her career is hitting a high point.

[Personally, I preferred Jolie when she was bat shit crazy.]

Now, with her recent spate of bad press, she’s adopting yet another impoverished kid, this time from Vietnam. By doing so, she is telling the world to cut her some slack because her reserves of altruism and selflessness are even deeper than one could have imagined.

Of course, many people do exactly what Jolie does every day without their own camera crews paid to photograph them in flattering lighting and perfect lipgloss.

I predict it's only a matter of time before current It-Whore Paris Hilton goes the Mommie Dearest route and starts collecting little Russian babies with little furry Russian hats.

Check out this hilarious video spoof "Womb Raider" where Jolie invades third world villages, stealing children from unsuspecting families. "Run! Angelina is coming!" Asian school children scream as they duck for cover." Priceless.

What romantic relationship conflicts or funny situations can you share?

What romantic relationship conflicts or funny situations can you share?  Let's share relationship issues & solutions:

Client A:  My college girlfriend is kinda ditzy - she gets mad over little things, shuts down, gives me the silent treatment, plays hide-and-go-seek (emotional blackmail games) and when she thinks she's punished me enough, she comes over to my dorm in a sexy dress and a seductive smile. 

I could kill her.  What do you do with a girl who won't communicate?  I'm not a mind reader.  She should say what her problem or complaint is in the first place right away.  No communication, no relationship.

Client B:  I married my college sweetheart and 15 minutes after we were married, she said she wanted to spend the weekend with her college girlfriends instead of us going on our honeymoon.  We got a divorce 2 months later.  What an irresponsible young lady!

Client C:  This  beautiful blonde, 31, I had just met wanted to drive from L.A. to Las Vegas in her new Mercedes convertible.  And she was 6 months sober in A.A. so what could be the problem, right?  We took off for Vegas.  And then her mask started coming off.  First, she took some calls from some guy she lied to about what she was doing - he turned out to be her Sugar Daddy who had bought her the new Mercedes convertible in exchange for some sex favors. 

Second, while I told her to slow down, she insisted on driving as fast as possible to Vegas and coming back from Vegas back to L.A.  She averaged 130 miles an hour.  I told her to slow down but she only said, "No way, we'll never get there!" 

I told her about a speed trap in a small desert town up ahead (Baker) so she slowed down to 125 miles an hour.  We passed a cop at 3:00 A.M. in the morning in Baker at 125 M.P.H.  But amazingly the cop didn't chase us - I guess he was having coffee and a donut. 

When we got to Vegas she insisted on a golddigger approach - she dragged me to this Chinese restaurant in a casino that charged like $500 for a bowl of rice.  She also turned out to have some STDs so I won't go into that.  That was my first and last date with the beautiful blonde - the L.A. woman. 

Client D:  I tried online dating - it turns out that the women at are single for a reason.  One pretty model bragged to me that she had 30,000 men hit her website.  She got me on the phone and wanted to set up a date - after she'd cross-examined me like a criminal or as if I was applying for a credit application.  Another good-looking woman - before we had even met - demanded that I fly her to Europe for 5-star hotels and super-delux treatment.  Another woman out for the money.  Dating is impossible.  What's the problem?


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MASKS of PREDATORS: How to Identify Psychopaths & Antisocials and Not Be a Victim! by Dr. Paul Dawson

Why Identify Psychopaths & Antisocials? 


It is estimated that 1 in 25 ordinary Americans secretly has no conscience, may be an antisocial or psychopathic, and can do anything at all without feeling guilty.


Have you ever had a date or a relationship not work out? I mean when it was a shock because they’d made such a good first impression?


Maybe they seemed perfect or perhaps “too perfect” and then they suddenly got strange, betrayed you, lied, cheated on you, or even stalked you? 


Reading this book will enable you to: 


1) Better select a partner for a relationship;


2) Have a more satisfying, happier social life;


3) Enable you to be more successful in business or at work;


4) Sharpen your skills in coping with people in life in general; 


5) Strengthen your ability to avoid a crisis or traumatic experience.  This book can help you avoid becoming a victim of an antisocial or psychopath! 


Dr. Paul Dawson earned a Ph.D. in psychology from The New School for Social Research, New York City.  Dr. Dawson has been chief psychologist of a state prison system, psychologist at mental hospitals, clinics, schools, and has been in private practice and consulting.